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'Solomon's Scrolls'.

Echo had been standing on the sidewalk for five minutes, looking at the shop's facade. It was six o'clock in the evening. The sun was a blazing deep-orange ball in the sky that cast long shadows. The hybrid grasped the door handle, pulled.

It was cooler inside, and she paused as she looked around at the shelves. She didn't know if she'd find what she was looking for here, but if she didn't at least look, she'd never find out.

There was two hundred dollars folded tightly in her back jeans pocket. Help, real help, probably wouldn't be cheap. If she had to live off of mac and cheese for a while, it would be worth it.

Echo stepped towards the counter, jammed her hands self-consciously into her pockets. Wondered how she was going to start explaining.
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"Echo, can you take Gabe home? His dad called and said he's working on something, so he can't come pick him up. And his mom works weird hours. I know it's a little out of your way since you live in Searchlight, but I'd really appreciate it."

Marta's voice cut through the silence, and Echo looked up from putting away the art supplies. The older woman was a retired schoolteacher who'd opened Cornerstone after moving to Nevada from Denver. She was short and chubby, her once-black hair shot through with wide swathes of white. The hybrid liked her because she sensed her goodness, and the children the center took care of during the day gravitated towards her with ease.

"Sure," she said easily, finishing with one task before adding, "Just let me clean up these books and then I'll get my keys. Tell Gabe he can either wait in your office or outside."

"Thanks, hon. Drop me a note in the morning, and I'll give you some money for gas."

Other People's Lives )
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Echo didn't know where Cian lived, and she respected the other were's privacy too much to ask. But she'd gotten the phone number of the marina from directory assistance, then called the business office during regular hours. Now that the weather was warming up, Cottonwood Cove had more customers. She was thinking of coming out when high summer came, since there were no other swimming opportunities close by.

The reason she'd decided to seek the Irishman out was because she had to tell <>someone abut the progress she was making with her Wolf side, and Cian was the obvious candidate. She loved Papa, and beyond that she respected him, but he wouldn't have understood her reasons for exploring her Otherness after all this time. She didn't want to have to face his possible disapproval.

The drive to the Cove was uneventful, and the lot was moderately full. The hybrid parked her vehicle in a slot, killed the engine and got out. She hoped she didn't catch the man when he was busy.


Apr. 11th, 2014 11:04 pm
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Spring was here. The change in temperature had happened, and while there were no shade trees to sprout green leaves, there was a sparse offering of grass in some places. Even in the desert, things could grow.

Echo had gotten the job at the daycare center. She'd lucked out and they hadn't wanted someone with a teaching certificate, just someone who was good with children and could drive the communal van to take them on the occasional outing. The job wasn't going to make her rich, but she enjoyed it and it got her out of the house.

She'd finished dinner, and was now contemplating a run out in the desert. She'd kept up with the practicing, and shifting didn't hurt anymore. Searchlight was so quiet at night that she no longer worried about being spotted. One of the benefits of living around so many retirees was that they all seemed to go to bed before it got dark.

There were two lawn chairs on the trailer's front yard, and a plastic table for drinks and sometimes sandwiches. Echo didn't really have visitors, but sometimes one of her close neighbors would stop by to talk.

Life was pretty good.
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His pencil thudded on the table in time with a beat.

James sat under an umbrella at one of the city’s lunch bistros. The patio had drawn a few customers because the weather was nice. His club sandwich was long ago eaten; only bread crusts and crumbs remained on his plate, which he had shoved to the middle of the table. His Pepsi was half-drunk. Headphones pumped Doug E. Fresh into his ears. Periodically he took them off and wrote in a spiral notebook. James had gotten work as a DJ at a club and he was dreaming up a new mix that fused rap and funk. It might not get played, but it got the juices flowing and he was getting cabin fever at home.

He stopped to read the ads on the side of a city bus. Vidal Sassoon. Siefried and Roy. When it took off, it coughed a cloud of smog into the air. The reddish-brown fumes dissipated and he put down his pencil. James rubbed the legs of his pants and tried to crack his neck.

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Not overly fond of ranch-style homes, the house on Hobson street had still offered enough promise that Emmeline had purchased it after only two viewings. It was new enough that there was very little trouble to modify it for her needs - a central sanctum to house her more rare and somewhat eyebrow-raising artifacts and books, only accessible by a hidden panel in her bedroom closet - and the land that came with it, an extra lot behind the house itself, was the real draw. While her brother had come for a visit and helped to modify her home, the two greenhouses she had erected behind the house had required a professional touch, and had taken more than two months before they were ready for use, longer still before they were producing anything of note. But with time, top notch irrigation, and a touch of elemental magick, Emmy was growing her own plants for use in the store and in her own work.

There was a chill in the morning air but it was still balmy inside the greenhouses, and Emmy hummed softly to herself as she inspected the jasmine and honeysuckle she had recently re-potted. She had decided upon waking that she would not open the shop today and instead spend the time with her plants, and had left a handpainted sign on her front door reading "In the Greenhouse" for anyone that might come calling.

She smiled. The honeysuckle was doing well enough that she would need to add a trellis soon to allow it to expand; she wondered if it would play nice enough with the moonflower that they could share.

"You are such a lovely little thing," she said fondly, and leaned forward to take a deep breath of the sweet fragrance it produced.

[Thread open to Echo]

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The grand ballroom of the Skylark Hotel was awash in shades of forest green and gold. The charity ball had been arranged to benefit a local children's hospital, and so a large percentage of the proceeds from the door tickets and bar would be donated to renovate the facility. A two-story Christmas tree towered over the buffet tables of festive finger foods and chocolate fountain, and people had placed unwrapped toys under the limbs to be delivered to the hospital the next day. Champagne flowed freely. There were two stages for the live jazz musicians that would play all night. Santa's scantily clad elves wandered about the room with trays of shrimp and caviar. A dance floor took up the center of the space underneath a gleaming chandelier and there were beautifully decorated round tables on the edges of the room.

The ticket price was manageable, and a few tickets had gone out free for radio promotions and the like.

Luckily for the undead, the decor did not include wall-to-wall mirrors, though there were a few on the high ceiling.

In various corners, Vegas performance artists entertained to ooohs and aaahs. For instance, there was a man eating a gleaming sword in the corner.

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With only two days until Christmas, Echo was celebrating the holidays in her own way. She'd made some popcorn, then strung it up with cranberries she'd bought at the grocery store. A small artificial tree resided in her living room. There weren't any presents underneath, but she'd put tinsel and one string of lights on it. The season made her miss Seattle.

When Cian took her home from the meteor site, he'd mentioned that he worked at the marina in Cottonwood Cove. She suspected that the other were was guarded about his life, and in any case her shyness prevented her from pressing for details, But she got some pamphlets about the place at the community center and did some reading up. She'd finally bought a television, a used black-and-white model, but because Searchlight only got a few channels there wasn't much to watch during the day.

The hybrid parked the van in the marina's lot, locked the vehicle up behind her. She wondered if they offered cruises on Christmas day. Maybe she should have called ahead and asked if Cian was working today. If he wasn't here, she wouldn't know where else to look.
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Cian's note had caused Echo to shake off the vestiges of the weird mood she'd been in since the night she'd seen the meteor, and she put the stone he'd left for her where he'd directed her to. Just knowing it was there made her feel more secure.

She'd gotten up at her usual early hour, then had breakfast and did her exercises in the front yard. Sometimes she wondered if her nearest neighbors, the Snyders, ever saw her out there, and if so what they thought of it. Then again, if they thought she was weird, they'd never mentioned anything. That was strangely comforting.

After she did some tidying up, she picked up the keys to the van and locked the trailer up behind her. She wanted to go up the highway to Vegas and catch the Strip before it got crowded. If it was ugly without all the neon, that would make her drawings better, more realistic. She was always looking for ways to expand on her talent, and urban landscapes were good for that in her opinion.

The roads were deserted because of the early hour, and when the hybrid reached the city she parked her vehicle in a metered spot. Dropping coins into the slot, she studied the street. Where was the best vantage point to start from?
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[a paper bag containing a non-descript wrapped item sits on Echo's van's step. A note is attached.]

Unwrapping the item reveals... )
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After finally hauling herself back to her trailer, Echo fell into a heavy sleep to fight off the headache caused by the fumes from the crater. She didn't even take her shoes off before she crashed. The sun came up, beams of light peeking through the cheap Venetian blinds, but instead of getting up with the dawn the way she usually did, the hybrid rolled over and stuffed her head beneath her pillow.

When she finally woke, the clock on the nightstand said it was four-thirty in the afternoon. The sun was gradually sinking towards the western horizon, throwing long shadows in the front yard. Echo rubbed the side of her face, grimaced at the bad taste in her mouth. But at least the headache was gone.

She rinsed her mouth out at the kitchen sink, then poked around in the fridge for something to eat. There was chili, beans and rice, and leftover roast chicken. She chose the chili, scooping some into a bowl and putting it in the microwave. When the timer went off, she carried the bowl out onto the tiny porch. There wasn't much of the day left, but she wanted to enjoy the sunlight while it lasted.

She'd had the strangest dream during all that sleep, where she'd been giving birth to the alien from the crater. Mama and Papa had been there. He'd been in Wolf form. The dreamscape had fragmented at the point when the creature walked under it's own power from the delivery room, dropping her into a deeper slumber. She was going to call home tomorrow. Just to hear familiar voices would make her less anxious about her dreams.
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The night was clear and cold. A weather front had blown through the day prior and dropped the evening temps into the thirties. A pale sliver of last-quarter moon hung over the desert, its edges sharp, and only a few wisps of clouds obscured the stars. Into this stark landscape a meteor streaked just before midnight.

It landed on the outskirts of town at the end of a dirt path. The land was part of an old horse ranch, abandoned in the early 1970s, so no family emerged from the cabin to investigate the fiery hole in their property, and no animals paced nervously along the fences.

A cactus sizzled and popped as it caught fire near the crater.

[Thread: Open to Anyone]
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Rhiannon closed her eyes. It was simple. One foot in front of the other, just like on the ground. A bottle swung lazily between two fingers.

‘Ma’am, get down, please!’

She took a step.

High above the street, the muffled sound of a stranger’s voice didn’t matter, or the sharpness of headlights, the whoosh of fast-moving air. Nothing convinced her to get down. The overpass bridged two neighborhoods that were bisected by the freeway. She had climbed onto the guardrail to sit first and let her legs dangle over the side. Then she stood up. It was then that a stranger slowed his car and rolled down the window.

‘Get down or I’m calling the cops!’

Rhiannon smiled to herself. “By all means, go call ‘em.”

The tires squealed as the man's car peeled back into traffic.

[Thread: Open]
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The Shark Tank... Usually, just a casino, but flyers had been posted and handed out, all over Vegas, indicating that, for this night, gambling would be optional. That there would be a party for Hallowe'en and a themed costume contest to match. Good for publicity and, not to mention, the bar - especially with no entrance fee!

Downstairs was the gambling section. Upstairs being where the main party was being held. Only the two floors existed and it made for a nice, self-contained atmosphere.

No actual vampires or other denizens of the night, of course. At least, for the most part. They tended to find nights like this a little offensive.

Something else which would be changing later...

[OOC: Open to everyone! Make yourselves at home and things will take a change for the violent in a little while. :)]
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Takes place just after 'A Rare Visitor'

Despite the relative heat of the end of summer, the desert was chilly at night. Echo had driven a mile out of town onto the highway. She pulled the van to the shoulder of the road, killed the engine. The landscape beyond the vehicle looked barren, like a view of the moon.

There was a moon that night, high and silvery in the black expanse overhead. Stars glittered along with the shimmer of the larger orb. The hybrid opened the door, got out to stand next to the van. Would someone notice it parked here, like a State Trooper? If they did see it, would they search for the driver, or would they just have it towed?

Never mind. She couldn't worry about that. She would only be gone for a few hours, anyway. Plenty of time to get back before the sun came up.

Practice Run )
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Echo didn't get angry very often, but when she did, her creativity spiked. She'd always felt that art was based on emotion, that the more you felt, the more you could create.

She'd gotten up before the dawn, skipped both breakfast and her tai chi routine, then made the drive to Las Vegas in the gloom before the sun came up. She had an idea for a new series of sketches, urban settings in Vegas, and she wanted to catch the Strip while it was deserted. She wondered if it would look uglier in the daylight, without the neon drenching everything to make it glamorous. If it was ugly, that would make it better, more stark.

She parked herself on a bench at the bus stop, set out her pencils and the new sketch pad she'd bought. It was so early that even the street sweeper hadn't come by yet, and there were random pages of a newspaper floating down the sidewalk like tumbleweeds. The sun was just starting to come up. Natural light was the best to draw by.
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When I was in my junior year of high school, we got this assignment in English class to keep a journal for a month. We were supposed to write down our thoughts and feelings, as if we were writing letters to someone, someone we knew well. A parent, or a close friend. I was even more inarticulate then, but I was really good at writing stuff down. I got an A on the assignment.

I really did try to have an open mind. Whatever you think, whatever he thinks, I looked him in the eye and was the first to offer a handshake. I know what it feels like to be judged before someone gets to know me, and I tried to put aside whatever natural prejudice I felt and the things Papa told me. I failed, but I tried.

Catharsis )
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Daniel sat on a picnic table and watched people meander on and off the fenced patio. The band was loud enough to enjoy outside. A cloud of smoke rose above the heads of people looking for space to swing their arms, or just a break from unwarranted body contact. He rubbed his hands together and considered where he was going to get his next meal. It was possible that some drunk or drugged concert goer would let him feed after the show, and he knew he could wait a couple of hours, if he needed to. In the meantime, he wasn’t going anywhere near the peanuts.

The vampire moved his shoe to read the carvings in the bench.

Eddie Luvs Sheila

Aerosmith Rules!

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Having breakfast at the diner meant no dishes to clean up, and since Echo's interview was that afternoon she wanted to concentrate on one thing at the time. She was finishing her waffles, had just asked for another cup of coffee. Her portfolio was on the passenger seat of the van. She'd arranged and re-arranged the pictures until they were in just the right order.

Nervous didn't begin to describe it.

She'd worn the same outfit she'd worn to the event at the Skylark, polished up her boots. Her clothes might not be super-fancy, but they were new and silk was expensive. Artists weren't necessarily known for their choices in couture, anyway.

Echo lifted the fresh cup of coffee to her mouth and sipped at it, then added more sugar. She should have asked for decaf, but they'd been out. At least after today she'd have an answer, whether it was yes or no.



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