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After finally hauling herself back to her trailer, Echo fell into a heavy sleep to fight off the headache caused by the fumes from the crater. She didn't even take her shoes off before she crashed. The sun came up, beams of light peeking through the cheap Venetian blinds, but instead of getting up with the dawn the way she usually did, the hybrid rolled over and stuffed her head beneath her pillow.

When she finally woke, the clock on the nightstand said it was four-thirty in the afternoon. The sun was gradually sinking towards the western horizon, throwing long shadows in the front yard. Echo rubbed the side of her face, grimaced at the bad taste in her mouth. But at least the headache was gone.

She rinsed her mouth out at the kitchen sink, then poked around in the fridge for something to eat. There was chili, beans and rice, and leftover roast chicken. She chose the chili, scooping some into a bowl and putting it in the microwave. When the timer went off, she carried the bowl out onto the tiny porch. There wasn't much of the day left, but she wanted to enjoy the sunlight while it lasted.

She'd had the strangest dream during all that sleep, where she'd been giving birth to the alien from the crater. Mama and Papa had been there. He'd been in Wolf form. The dreamscape had fragmented at the point when the creature walked under it's own power from the delivery room, dropping her into a deeper slumber. She was going to call home tomorrow. Just to hear familiar voices would make her less anxious about her dreams.
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“Man, Elijah’s gonna kill me!”

Naomi Gardner couldn’t believe her luck. First, she took a wrong turn. Now, her car – well, her older brother’s car – was stranded at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. She managed to pop the hood, coughing as she lifted it and was greeted by a large plume of dark smoke. Naomi squinted, eyes darting back and forth.

Not that she actually knew what she was looking at; other than the engine, Naomi saw nothing but a mess of twisted metal and wires. Staring at the mess wouldn’t make it make any more sense, so she slammed the hood back down with a huff and wandered back over to the driver’s side.

The sun was rising, so when Naomi grabbed her map, she could actually see the markings. Somehow, she got off of I-15 somewhere around Las Vegas. Which by itself wasn’t that big a deal, but she erred in trying to get off of I-515 to go the other way.

Specifically, her exit didn’t have an on-ramp going the other way.

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