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Daniel’s knuckles tapped on the apartment door. With his hands in his pockets, he waited. He began to casually study the paint on the door frame, all the while hoping he didn’t look misshapen through the peep hole. Wait… what if he hadn’t knocked loud enough? Should he knock again? But if the first time had been loud enough, wouldn’t that seem obnoxiously impatient? Like the physical equivalent of shouting, ‘I know you’re in there, now open the door!’

He opted to shuffle uncomfortably and scratch his stubble.

He hadn’t tried Holly’s apartment in ages. It was the most obvious place to look for her, but he didn’t want to be pushy. He just wanted to make sure she was alright. If she was, great! They could hang out or he could hop the stairs and walk back into the night, assured that she had a pulse. The afterlife was good.

He coughed for no real reason.
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Holly pushed open the door of the record shop, and the music filling the space was like a warm welcome. She glanced briefly at a display of new releases before casting her eyes around Tracks. A few shoppers lingered here and there.

Her hands, clad in fingerless gloves, toyed with the strap of her bag as she walked toward the register. She was mostly wandering, finding distractions to fill her days which stretched long and empty most of the time.

She approached a black-clad figure, his back to Holly. "So, how long has it been? I remember champagne, a roof, and not much else." Her mouth twitched a little as she picked up a neon orange flyer.

"I think I spotted you at the Dive, but I wasn't about to fight that crowd."

House Call

Dec. 26th, 2013 05:47 pm
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Holly walked to the main entrance of the no-nonsense block of tiny, identical apartments. She peeked over the large basket in her arms to study the numbers listed next to the rusting buzzer. The brunette shifted the weight to one arm; all she could find was a gift selection made up for a New Year's Eve celebration, but she had a hunch that flowers would have been much more awkward.

She poked her finger against Rhys' number and heard nothing but incomprehensible static. "Hello?" Holly pressed again. "It's me. You know, the only person who would be visiting you."

The British girl swore inwardly, then out loud as she pressed the button again. "Shit, that sounded mean. I'm sorry. Just let me in, someone's going to think I'm casing the place."

Tapping her foot, she studied the contents of the basket and waited. After a moment, there was an earsplitting buzz, and Holly was able to swing open the door and scoot inside before it locked back into place.

She paused, deliberating, when she heard a door clicking open down the hall.
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“Hey, Hols, it’s Daniel. I haven’t heard from you in a while so I thought I’d check in and uh… make sure you haven’t skipped town. So, no beautiful English girls have turned up in the hospital with amnesia. I checked. Annnnd you’re still getting mail at your place, so I know you haven’t moved and had it forwarded. Yeah, I checked that, too. Creepy, I know. Sorry about the broken latch, I thought I could pick a mailbox lock without destroying it. I was wrong. Breaking into your mailbox was the coward’s way out. I was worried about sounding too desperate on your machine but I seem to have arrived there anyway, which means it was all for nothing. Gimme a call and let me know you’ve still got a pulse, alright? Iiii… I miss you. Doesn't have to be anything serious, just... Yeah. Bye.”

Fork You?

Nov. 14th, 2013 08:42 pm
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With a red ink pen, Daniel circled a want ad for security at a local hot spot. He did so begrudgingly because the last thing he wanted was to be that dick who turned people away at the door, but his checking account sat at $362.87. He was getting desperate. The newspaper rattled as he turned the page and skimmed the back side for other opportunities.

Hostess. Electrician. Craps dealer. Plumber.

He rubbed his eye with the heel of his hand and refocused on the small print. Where qualifications didn’t take him out of contention, pesky details like daytime operating hours did the trick. Maybe he was barking up the wrong tree. Maybe he ought to hit the streets and look in establishments that served demons. Or maybe he should start robbing people blind like Deanna had suggested.

Man, how long had it been since he saw Deanna? Two months or more? Was she still around? Daniel wondered if he’d know if she dusted, or just wander around clueless for the next hundred years.

He sipped black coffee and took stock of his surroundings.

Hash Brown’s was a locals spot known as much for its colorful wait staff of off-duty drag queens as its specialty dish of fried potatoes. It was cheap fare and the atmosphere was relaxed, if you discounted the occasional bursts of raucous laughter from the kitchen and dramatic arguments between the line cooks and management. Daniel liked it enough that he never fed off a customer.

“You need anything else, sweetie?” The waiter tucked a pencil behind his earlobe. He splashed more coffee into the vampire’s emptying mug.

Daniel rubbed his palms together. If he didn’t order something substantial soon, he’d get bumped out of his booth. “Ah, yeah, actually. Can I get a hamburger scramble, rare as you can legally serve it?”

“You got it, baby.” A smirk and a sashay.

“Yep. That guy knows I’m a vampire,” Daniel said. He looked out the window as an ambulance shrieked by.
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The hospital was quiet. It didn't take long for Holly to realize that here, without a clock or a watch, she would have no idea what time it was. Everything looked the same. She watched blankly as nurses and other personnel passed her by. She was perched on a hard plastic seat in the small waiting area.

The brunette had tried to purchase a snack from the vending machine, but her dollar had gotten stuck. She couldn't find it in her to care. She turned her head to look at it now, the bill sticking halfway out of the slot.

Holly had washed her hands, but there was still blood on her shirt. She hadn't noticed it. It wasn't so out of place there, anyway. At least she fit in.


Oct. 16th, 2013 12:29 am
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The night was cool enough to still be considered nice. Holly had considered cooking dinner, but her fridge was desperately lacking. There was a little convenience market not too far from her flat. The brunette decided to walk instead of drive.

Once she was on the pavement, she adjusted her purse on her shoulder, looking around for any sign of her shadow. He was well-hidden tonight. But he would be around. It was just after 9 PM. A light breeze tousled her hair as she began to walk.

"It's a nice night," Holly said, knowing her voice would drift to reach him, wherever he was. "Too bad I'm all alone." She knew if anyone else were around, they'd think her insane. "I'm sorry I was mean to you the other night."

It was easier to say the words without having to face him. She hated apologizing, not because she didn't mean it, but it meant acknowledging she had made a mistake. And that was something that Holly didn't do well.
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Daniel sat on a picnic table and watched people meander on and off the fenced patio. The band was loud enough to enjoy outside. A cloud of smoke rose above the heads of people looking for space to swing their arms, or just a break from unwarranted body contact. He rubbed his hands together and considered where he was going to get his next meal. It was possible that some drunk or drugged concert goer would let him feed after the show, and he knew he could wait a couple of hours, if he needed to. In the meantime, he wasn’t going anywhere near the peanuts.

The vampire moved his shoe to read the carvings in the bench.

Eddie Luvs Sheila

Aerosmith Rules!

[Thread: Open to anyone]
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Julianna had been uncertain when she saw the notice in the faculty lounge about an event for Halloween. It wasn't that she was superstitious, and perhaps surprisingly the day wasn't known for extra trouble as far as the supernatural went, but this would be her first faculty event since taking up her teaching duties at UNLV. She was the only non-American in her department, and with the exception of a few of her already-tenured colleagues, she was one of the oldest people on staff. She wondered if she wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Hopefully they'd at least serve alcohol.

So she found herself in a shop looking over their selection of costumes and feeling grateful that none of them were too tacky. If all else failed, she could pull something suitable out of her closet. When she wanted retail therapy, she shopped elsewhere.

The realization that Halloween was just a couple of weeks away reminded her that Christmas was closing in. No chance of snow here in Nevada. She'd just have to make the best of it.
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Under a thick layer of mascara and liner, Rhiannon’s eyes lifted from the pages of her paperback to search out the sound. She sat slumped on a vinyl-cushioned bench in the laundromat, legs stretching into the aisle alongside her basket of detergent and dryer sheets. She leaned forward and squinted at a zippered hoodie bouncing ‘round and ‘round the front-facing dryer. Was it worthwhile to stop the machine and flip it inside out?

The Laundromat was humid and heavily scented: ocean breeze, spring bouquet, fresh cotton. A television was mounted in the corner and from it Rhiannon heard the subdued score of a soap opera punctuated by commercials for cleaning products or diapers. Headphones hung crookedly around her neck because she wasn’t sure how much juice was left in the cassette player’s batteries.

She set her book aside and knelt in front of the dryer to open it.



Sep. 28th, 2013 02:42 am
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The casino overwhelmed with light and sound. A Saturday night, the place was packed elbow to elbow, and Holly was in the thick of it. Bored, restless, and tired of hearing her own voice in her head, she had headed out to the noisiest place she knew.

The brunette walked the casino floor, trying not to spill the martini she had unwisely ordered. Mostly, she just liked them for the olives.

The rows of slots were alive tonight, and dice were thrown carelessly across tables. There was something to catch her eye everywhere she looked. She got fixated on a woman's dress, the entire thing made of dizzying sequins.

A hand caught her forearm, and she swore under her breath when a drop from her glass landed on her shoes. Holly looked up, a man standing there with the toothiest smile she had ever seen. It overwhelmed the rest of his features, which she didn't even bother to note.

"Hey," he said, and his voice blended into everyone else's so seamlessly that Holly couldn't be certain if he had really spoken at all. "Why don't you blow on these for good luck?" And he held the pair of dice in his palm. The brunette wasn't too far gone to notice the wedding band around his finger.

"Why don't you just," she began, adjusting the strap of her dress, "go blow yourself." Holly pulled away, and in her efforts to escape, bumped into the back of another brunette.


Sep. 26th, 2013 11:19 pm
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A door closed in an empty hallway, and the sound of locks clicking shut drifted through the deserted corridor. Holly stuck her keys in her hoodie pocket and made for the stairs. It was a clear night, and she crossed the street to the small park. She could see the park from her apartment, and she turned to look at the window now. The light from her living room shone like a beacon.

The brunette took a seat on one of the swings, her legs dangling idly as she surveyed her surroundings. Alone.

Her fingers gripped the cool metal of the chains, dragging the toe of one sneaker through the wood chips that lined the play area. There was nothing fun about face-planting into that stuff.

"Hey, Rhys?"

Holly waited a few moments, pushing herself back and forth with her feet. She was tired of being cooped up, and feeling punchy. Nothing.

"Ow!," she cried, hoping she was a convincing enough actress. "I cut my finger really bad. It's bleeding..." The brunette clutched her hand and waited some more.
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One thing Julianna liked about having her own apartment was that now she could do her drinking in private. Bars and cocktail lounges were fine, but like hotels they weren't supposed to be permanent haunts. She could fix her drinks at home, which meant she could pour them to a strength she was comfortable with.

The liquor store nearest to her complex didn't carry her brand of vodka, so she made the drive across town to another establishment. Fall was definitely in the air. The new semester of teaching had just begun. Her current crop of students looked promising.

The Englishwoman inspected the labels of the bottle on the shelf, made her way down the narrow aisle. One bottle, not two. She didn't want to give the man at the counter the wrong impression.
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She had woken up late, still a little fuzzy headed from the night before. Her first task upon waking was to down a bottle of water, then flop in front of the television and try not to revisit previous events.

After a good amount of vegetating, Holly had made herself some dinner. The brunette was too lazy to change out of her pajamas, so she just pretended she had the confidence to make fuzzy bunnies fashionable. She lugged the full bag of garbage down three flights of stairs and out back.

"Shit, where do they keep the bins?"

This was her first time throwing out trash in her new apartment, and it was hard to orientate herself in the pitch darkness. She grabbed her lighter, flicking it to illuminate her way. It wasn't until after the black bag had been discarded when she heard the noise.

The scuffing of shoes against concrete as they neared her. Holly whirled around.
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The hotel's crowning achievement is its roof, which features an open-air bar with live music, a dance floor, and two sparkling pools. Servers wander with trays of hors d'oeuvres (included in the cover charge). There will be fireworks at midnight.

[Thread open to anyone.]
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A beautiful glass-front elevator offers stunning views of the hotel atrium and indoor balconies... It's too bad it doesn't fully work.

[Thread open to anyone.]
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"This girl was hogging the mirror. She's wearing blue velvet bellbottoms, you don't need a mirror to tell you that's wrong." Holly slid in beside Daniel, fluffing out her hair and closing the tab on her handbag.

She plucked the cherry out of her cocktail, looking up at the vampire. "Did anyone try to steal you away?" The brunette scanned the crowd surrounding them. "Tempting you with their scandalously exposed necks."

Another plus of hanging out with vampires was they could hear quite well over booming bass and synth. She knew Daniel could hear every word she said, and she didn't have to go home with a sore throat at the end of the night.

Bad Tastes

Sep. 13th, 2013 12:51 pm
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When Holly entered Tracks, the record store was mostly empty, save for a few people milling over some new releases. A Cinderella track was playing over the sound system, and strains of glam metal accompanied the brunette as she wandered over to the cassettes.

As she rifled through the Q's, trying to find a Queen album a friend had recommended, a movement in her periphery caught her eye. A boy, maybe in his mid-teens, was grasping a few tapes in his hand and acting twitchy.

Holly tilted her head, watching him closely. He was too busy looking out for store employees to notice her, until she pointedly cleared her throat. "Are you sure those are the ones you really want? I mean, if you're going to opt for the five finger discount, make it worth your while."

The brunette approached him, ignoring his surprised glare. She grabbed one of the tapes and held it up. "This one isn't too bad, but...is that Quarterflash?" Holly shook her head disapprovingly. "I think someone should call your parents just to warn them of their son's budding horrible taste in music."

He pulled away from her, grabbing the cassettes back. "Do you work here?"
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If Holly was going to stay in Nevada for the long-term, a hotel was not the most economically sound way to go about it. While her financial situation was comfortable, she simply couldn't afford it. Even another month or two at the Kay would have made a sizable dent.

The brunette began her search in Las Vegas. She knew Searchlight had held some significance to her father and to others, but she wasn't entirely confident living there. Holly used to believe that small towns were inherently safer, but she now knew better.

She had looked at a flat in a nice building. It was a one bedroom, fairly small but roomy enough for a single person. Holly enjoyed the elevator. It would be nice not to come home from a night out and stumble up some stairs.

Exploring the lobby, Holly found herself in the mail room for the building. Little gold boxes with unit numbers printed on them. She could see herself getting post here, going upstairs, calling Daniel...

The brunette did a quick dollars to pounds conversion in her head. She could definitely afford it, moreso after she finished selling her father's old flat.



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