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The flickering of lights from a passing ambulance illuminated the alley briefly, the vehicle hurrying on its way to a callout somewhere in the suburbs. Cian lowered himself to the ground from the stairs that ran down the wall opposite the portal, adjusting his jacket and scrubbing his fingers through his hair. He scratched his cheek, the slight rasp of stubble a little more common these last few days.

His sound of his footsteps bounced off the walls in a soft echo as he approached the phone booth, the number now known to all who were helping out with the 'watch' being maintained on the portal. The canteen of water he'd left inside earlier was still there and he was soon wiping the back of his hand across his mouth after downing half the contents. The weather was warming up, and his patrol earlier had meant he hadn't had time to eat, or have anything to drink before heading up from the Cove.

The protective shield the old witch had put up seemed to be holding, and Cian couldn't help but wonder how long it could be maintained, and whether it would last as long as the portal. It had stopped anything from the portal escaping out of the alley, but didn't prevent anyone from this world from passing through it.

He heard something behind him and turned, hand already moving to the weapons stashed behind the phone box, eyes flickering with gold flecks momentarily.

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Sabra wasn't exactly soundless. To be able to land on your feet, like a cat, was one thing, but doing so in silence was quite another. Then again, she had yet to find a reason to want to be.

Had made her way there via the roofs. Preferred it that way, sometimes. Like a hawk, it allowed for everything below to be more easily taken in. On occasion, making her way inside a venue of interest. Curiosity, perhaps. Or a deliberate need to educate herself on something. It was how the note had reached her. An employee deciding she more or less fitted the required description of who to give it to.

But she had yet to know why this meeting had been called. Why she was directed to come here.

"The sky-fire," the visitor mentioned, straightening posture as she decided to make her way closer. Body language watchful, yet confident. "You were there when it landed... When it hatched. I remember you from there."
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The brunette's head weaved in the portal's direction and she seemed to act like a snake who had suddenly heard a charmer's melody. The vertebrae of her spine stiffening as she faced the source of the shape-shifter's bewilderment.

"A door," she observed, making her way closer still. "A window..." A hand reached up, palm facing outwards. Sensing. Getting the measure of it. "A bridge."

With that, she turned head, looking back at him. No smile. She had rarely ever exhibited one in this world and probably never had where she came from. Not that he had reason to yet know of anything about that.

"I remember another... Not like this. Different. From the other side..." Her gaze returned to it, slowly looking the shape up and down. Curiosity flaring. "It tricked me. Anchored me within flesh not of my own..."

Tongue darted from one side of her mouth to the other in studied contemplation. A long sniff being taken of the portal's gateway. Turning back to him, once again.

"Did you make this?"

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"The other," she reminded. "This one smells different... There were humans. They thought they knew what they would summon. They did not."

Something flickered across the face she now wore. An externalisation of emotional reflection.

"There was a glistening in the dark... It made me curious. Then I was pulled in. I would have dwarfed this body before," she decided, looking momentarily down at an upturned hand. Then back to him, again. "Those who dwell beyond this... They see here as a glistening, too. Many fear light. Others will not."

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"The body was the portal," the demoness clarified. Her typical manner of speech, however, had her saying it as though it should be the most obvious thing in the world. Social interaction and the subtleties thereof, were not her strong point. "No... I don't know how to go back. And this form offers little protection if I could."

To a student of body language, the way Sabra's gaze tracked his movements came across as predatory. It was simply the way she was. Confident, yet watchful. An alpha carnivore who seemed to fear little, but who apparently still felt unfamiliar in this new world.

"Open a door, something will come through... And this has been open long. You think all visitors will have flesh? That they will bleed? They will not..."

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Though having spoken in warning, it was his mention of knowing what havoc such things could wreak. For the first time, a ghost of a smirk crossing her lips.


"You summoned me," she answered, clear as glass. "I hadn't known you had possession of... Such a thing."

It wasn't so much a seductive look which punctuated that sentence, as something more akin to a Tyrannosaur's eyeing of prey. Sabra casting her gaze back to the portal in either admiration or desire. There was want there. But just as quickly, the same sentiment seemed to be discarded, for she could not use it.

"As I said, this body would be of poor use, were I to do so. I would need... Release, first. Until then, your realm is my captivity."

A pause of consideration.

"Or do you suggest I use it? That I gain myself an army?"

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Sabra's eyes narrowed. Of course she had been summoned. Her presence had been requested. Or had he interpreted it as meaning ceremonial magic? To the reanimated possessed brunette, there was no difference.


It was a child's question, but no less valid. In human terms, she hadn't really been 'born' too long ago. Not in this body, anyway.

A step closer and she repeated, "Why? Why would you defend those who would care nothing for you? Your kind?"

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"It matters... All you do matters. To obligate yourself as guardian to another especially matters."

Sabra's entire face was a disguise. This was not her body. It was a temporary vessel. Nevertheless, the expression she wore was true - and it looked like she had just been threatened with a slap from a wet fish.

Because compassion was an alien concept.

"I was..." Sabra's expression shifted like an emotional rainbow as she struggled to convey the answer. What was she? It was difficult to express. "Different," she offered. "Larger... I swam."



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