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Truth be told, he wanted to know what it looked like.

In the days since blood fell from the sky – in an event that was scandalously under-reported for the sake of tourism dollars – the tiny town of Searchlight had done its best to clean up and look respectable. The sidewalks and streets had been hosed down, the buildings power washed, the cars scrubbed. It was a monumental task but people pitched in because the blood was drying flies. It also stank to high heaven.

But the outskirts, the dirt lots, and even the cemetery remained rust-red. It was like driving through an alien terrain. Brian made the trip around sunset when there was enough light to illuminate the area but not so much that he sweltered in his car. Air conditioning wasn’t powerful enough to combat that much direct sunlight. The thick, iron-sweet scent came through his air vents. He resisted the urge to cover his nose; it wouldn’t be any better when he got out of the car.

Brian parked in a neglected lot near a motel no longer in use.

He got out and shoved his keys into his pants pocket. Blood had collected and congealed in potholes around his feet, and the scrub grass was stained too. Brian squatted and pinked some of the sand, pink as coral, between his fingers. A warm wind blew his hair into his eyes so he looked up. As the sun slipped behind the hills, it lit up the ridge like liquid fire and then it was gone.

Dark would be quick and complete. There was no such thing as dark in Las Vegas, no real night to speak of. He remembered the desert with its inky sky and stars from his teenage years in his dad’s RV, which he parked wherever was cheap. The desert made Brian feel okay. A lot less frantic.

He left his door ajar and sat on the front seat, feet sticking out while he lit up a smoke.

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Flesh and jelly... Meat could be removed and there were plenty of desert predators who would gladly feast upon it. Blood, though. Blood remained. Sank into soil and dust, offering liquid refreshment.

"Time was, when the ground ran fresh with crimson, men would celebrate it."

If insect life could be heard, it often quietened at times like these. When her presence could be felt to coalesce and wander. A voice given to melodious chime and slithering half-way between the realms of telepathic and audible.

"But perhaps the days of Tiberius Gracchus still offer lessons from which we can learn."

Decked out in a courtly dress of the damned, the figure might have been taken for wearing fancy dress, were it not for her presence. For her ghostly complexion, too, pale enough for curiosity to wonder if, beneath clothing, skeletal ribs might be visible. If so, one wouldn't know it for the casual smile witnessed upon those black lips.

"To stand for one's principles can lead to considerable inconvenience."

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"A talent..."

Most people projected warmth when they smiled. The curve of these black lips gave more of an effortless icy chill. When next she spoke, the Corruptress' voice seemed more firmly rooted in the here and now. As did her physicality. Less... Spectral.

"Champion to the people," the visitor clarified. "And threat to vested interests... Destroyed by the very mob who gave him such distinction."

She glanced around her self now, turning. Lungs filling with air, inhaling deeply through nose. Her gaze falling, at last, back to meet his. Her head tilting slightly.

"How would you change the world...? If you could?"

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There was a strange ethereal purr as she echoed his phrasing with a repeated, "Honesty..." Mulling it over, yes, but the verbal quality was very real. Difficult to tell if she had a vampiric growl in her throat or if it was something else nearby, like a wolf.

Elfleda keyed on potential. Didn't feed upon it, for it was a concept, but sensed it, yes. Nurtured it. Coaxed it. Sought it out and, like a cosmic gardener, looked where best to prune and help blossom. He had her attention now, that was for sure.

Perhaps had for a while.

"What a terribly pragmatic choice, yes," she readily agreed. The words tripping off her black tongue with a hopscotch-like playfulness. She may as well have been skipping. "If some were at least honest with themselves, I'm sure we could all prosper, yes?"

Fingers splayed at each side, hands opening, palms facing downwards. Just for a few moments. The figure in white and black sensing for something within the very ground she walked upon.

"You want to know my desires?" Lips and tongue might be of ebony, but her teeth were white. Mouth parting a little as she smiled anew, revealing them. Her gradual approach? More of a glide then stepping of feet. "What I would wish for this world... Oh..."

Up closer like that, the smoothness of that bone-white skin possessed a strangeness to it. Not waxy, but like she had arisen from bleached mercury. Something alien, yet not. Her face, having turned away in momentary contemplation of the query, betraying an unpleasant sneer of contempt. Her mind reaching back into old memories, sifting through the same. Old hatreds from earlier times.

"To be trusted... A quality few truly earn, isn't it?"

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"Oh," she tutted, adopting a pout of faux concern, brow creasing. "People and their judgements... They really should learn to adjust such perspectives."

For being outside, the atmosphere was becoming strangely oppressive and heavy. Literature on ghostly manifestations would become more available in future years, but a change like that was regarded as indicative of spiritual negativity. Something a being like this brought with her in spades. She was, after all, what amounted to a representative. An avatar, so to speak.

And one which, even now, was slowly beginning to try and leak into his aura, attempting to turn it muddy with a more clouded point of view... A more susceptible mindset. Given sufficient time, one's moral urges could be inverted completely.

Lifting hand, several inches of air separated her fingernail from his chest, but there was the unmistakable sensation of it seeming to press against his clothing and flesh in the same upwards direction, as if somehow a shadow with volume.

"Doesn't society celebrate the capacity for change? Is it not our duty to give it the correct... Nudge?"

The smile widened.

"You've a considerable talent, Mister Campo... Why not use it? Force the issue of respect..."
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Only her shadow touched against skin, yet her hand seemed to close around his beating heart, with all the implied sensuality and potential danger that implied. She spelled out neither, yet represented both.


For a moment, her voice seemed as if it was of two realms, again. The serpent to his proverbial Eve; Eden or not.

"And I could bring you many things... Take you many places... Your sense of need be only high enough. Passionate enough. Some souls..." Black eyes cast down to his chest in contemplation, then raised back up to meet his gaze. "For them, passion is a force of chaos. Others? Others can handle it so much better... Use it to help forge themselves anew. I believe you could be such a soul, hmm?"

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And then it happened. Like a magnet, she was suddenly there, pressing up against him. Had gone from standing, to a form of black swishing vapour, then perfectly physical, once again.

He should be feeling free, save for her. But the very air, itself, seemed to be pressing in around him from every conceivable angle, like a bubble of air sticking to one's skin in a lake of oil.

"I want..."

Head tilted, but there for all the erstwhile seductiveness about their entwined position, it was like being looked at under a microscope. Studied.

And there was a very literal purr. Not like some friendly kitten's. More like a dragon's. A very hungry dragon, indeed.

"I want you to unleash... I want you to become."

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Such an aggressive act, yet caressed in gentle affection. Perhaps her very appearance, of whites and blacks, echoed the contradictions she seemed to represent.

Yet, the force of will he exerted seemed just enough to wash her away, like shadows not quite able to survive against an onslaught of light. Nevertheless, the figure remained. Anchored to his form.

"You could bring such thunder," she cooed with a trail of icy finger to mortal jaw. "Even now, in your resistance, you become something beautiful, Mister Campo... Something wanted. Something which deserves better."

Expression hardened.

"Do not be content to squirm in this bucket of rotting fish you find yourself... You settle for less when you could have more."

It was like being in an oven of somehow freezing heat. A viscous cloud of toxicity which sought to imprint itself, contaminate and pollute. Yet... Yet, its own held purpose. She didn't want just another victim. She was after something else.

"Promise me..." She spoke into ear with a voice of burning honey. "Promise me a vengeance of my choosing... Promise this and I will grant you freedom. What say you?"

Would he accept? Or would he attempt to unleash against her?

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All of a sudden, it ended. Her presence, her physical contact - everything. Where there had been the distinct impression of being stuck in a kiln's furnace, like clay, it was now like a flood of cold water had doused his surroundings. One could almost expect a gentle hiss of cooling metal, for all the relief conveyed.

"William Basterson," spoke the devil-woman in his midst. A gentle, if sudden, pressing of finger to his forehead in a communication of the man's face. Flashes of an act he had engaged in: An elderly citizen beaten to near-concussion for the sake of meagre funds to supply a drug habit. A habit now starting to turn into pushing those same narcotics onto others.

"His end nears... You have the power to decide if it should drag others down with him or not."



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