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Daniel stood at the foot of the alley and frowned.

His vampire senses were keenly attuned to the difference in the air; that was the word he ascribed to the electric charge and chemical scent of a narrow passage that should smell like piss and garbage. After getting a note at Ragnarok, he felt obliged to show up and at least see what all the fuss was. Daniel understood that some kind of magical door to hell had opened and demons were sporadically coming through. People were needed to stand guard. And do what, Daniel didn’t really know; intervene? Take notes? Roll out a welcome mat?

There was a girl leaning against the wall, arms crossed, legs long and straight.

He pulled on his earlobe and cleared his throat. “I’m Daniel,” he said. “I got a message.” He watched her push away from the concrete block wall and approach him. An unknown chill went down his back and then he saw the stake in her hand and figured out why. He raised his palms. “Whoa… I didn’t come here for that.”

“Relax,” she said. She stowed the weapon in a band around her leg. “I’m Rhiannon. Normally you and I wouldn’t be so friendly, but right now we’ve got bigger concerns.” She straightened up. “For all we know, the creatures that came through that door rip off vampire faces, too, and something tells me you like yours.”

Daniel scowled.

Rhiannon tipped her head. “Am I wrong?”

“No,” he said, on the defense because it sounded like an insult, except that nobody in his right mind would want his face torn off Texas Chainsaw Massacre style. “No argument here.”

“Good.” Rhiannon fiddled with a blocky gadget with a rubber antenna. “Besides, I know your friend Holly. She asked me specifically not to stake you.” She turned a knob and the speaker crackled.

“Oh. Oh!” He brightened and stood up straighter. “Well, um… what do you need? I’m not all that combative.”

“You’re good enough. Here.” She handed him a heavy walky-talky and a pack of extra batteries. “Radio if you see anything weird and one of us will answer. Then pass it to the next person when you’re through. Someone will be here before sunrise. Did you bring a weapon?”

Daniel brandished a tire iron he pulled from his car trunk and a butcher knife from his kitchen.

Rhiannon’s mouth puckered with some kind of humor the vampire didn’t get. “Okay.” She shook her head. “Don’t worry. Probably nothing will happen. I staked a vampire who came sniffing, but that’s it. The portal’s been quiet.”

“Comforting.” Daniel craned his neck and looked at the gap in the wall, the painted line around the border.

“Yeah. Well.” Rhiannon patted her pockets to make sure she had keys. “I think that’s it. So… thanks for showing up.” It felt too weird to thank a vampire, so she cut around him and headed toward the parking lot. “Later, Daniel.”

“Later.” He watched her go, then he settled into the spot Rhiannon had vacated and wished he’d thought to bring a book.

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"It's for you," Jazz said, handing the phone to Melody as the older witch headed back to the workbench and continued preparing some things to take to the alley where what sounded like a portal had opened.

She muttered to herself, grey-haired head bobbing up and down as she finished grinding some sage before tipping it into some small hessian bags.

Melody put the phone to her ear, a little puzzled as to who would be calling so late.


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Mel recognised his voice and giggled softly when he gave his surname. "Hello Daniel Stacy, and you're right, I probably never will," she replied, glancing across at Jazz whose hearing was excellent for someone of her years.

"Where are you?"

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She couldn't help but giggle again when he said he was kidding. "And why are you in an alley next to a convenience store and calling Solomon's Scrolls?" she asked, actually wondering why he had, but secretly thrilled and trying not to let that show in her voice and trying to mimic his.

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Melody's eyebrows shot up and she looked across at Jazz, the older woman turning her head slightly when she heard Mel's small gasp.

"Really? That's the one next to the market? A man came in here a little while ago and told us about it, and Jazz and I are coming over. She's just getting some things ready."

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Now Melody did laugh, her hand pushing her hair behind her ear as she tried to cover up the outburst, and the slight rise of colour she felt around her throat.

"You went there, not me!" she told him rolling her eyes, both at his comment and herself for momentarily going there.

"And do you think truckers are really who you want to be getting into conversations with? Isn't there enough danger just waiting on the other side of that portal for you?"

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Again the heat rose around the base of Mel's neck and she sighed. "There's nothing wrong with them, and you do!" she told him. Jazz had started putting things into a carry-all, including some things that Mel knew were for dealing with 'serious stuff', as Jazz had described it when warning Mel not to go into that drawer when the young witch had first started in the store.

"So how long have you been there?" she asked, "and have you seen anything come out of the portal at all?"

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"I think that's the plan," she replied, "and the guy who came in here said there's been something pretty nasty happen nearby, something about a couple of people being skinned? Or their heads were? And that whatever did it came out of there, he could smell something about it, I can't remember what he said it smelt like. Can you smell anything different?"

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Mel repeated what Daniel said so Jazz could hear, the older witch nodding and checking again what she'd already packed. She reached up and tugged open a drawer further up the wall, pulling it out and plonking it down on the workbench. She rummaged through for a moment, then pulled out something with a small throaty sound of triumph before returning the drawer to its slot.

"What will you do it they do?" Mel asked, trying to disguise the hint of concern she felt. He was a vampire, she shouldn't be concerned.

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"No!" Melody replied too quickly. She laughed at her own response and used the laugh to hide the speed, adding "I'm just making sure to pack some superglue for your high heels, and noting that if we find the portal unguarded you have to run squealing and to check behind the nearest dumpster."

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About to ask who the fistfight was with Mel stopped when she heard the clunk of the phone receiver being placed down. She frowned, pressing her receiver closer to her ear to listen for anything happening, closing her eyes to listen more intently.

"When you're ready," drowned out whatever noises were happening on the other end of the phone and Mel's eyes flew open as she looked up at Jazz. "He said something, but I couldn't hear it," she told her, indicating the phone.

"Well there's not much we can do here, is there?" the older witch pointed out, indicating the backpack she had prepared, resting on the floor next to the workcounter. "You carry that, and be careful, it's heavy," she told her, picking up the bag she had just finished putting a few more things in and putting it over her arm. "And lock up. I'll go round and get the car and meet you out front." With that the older witch left the shop, Melody pressing the handpiece to her ear again.

"Daniel? Are you there? Daniel?"

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"Yeah, Jazz has gone round back to get the car and I have to lock up. We'll be there soon," she told him, hoisting the heavy backpack onto her shoulder and picking up the keys for the shop. "Try and stay out of trouble, yeah?" she added, adjusting the strap of the pack to a more comfortable spot on her shoulder. She figured it was really stupid to tell a dead man not to get himself killed.



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