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The Dive never really got crowded until the weekends, but they had s steady stream of people coming in on weeknights as well. As the club's promoter, Theresa dealt with the reviewer from the local entertainment rag in addition to trying to book new acts. All in all, things were looking promising. With summer nearly here, the college crowd would have more time and money to spend in places like this.

The vampire was nursing a beer on the patio. She had thought of suggesting they start serving something stronger, but she hadn't gotten around to it yet. It sounded like the latest set was wrapping up. She checked her upper lip for beer foam, hauled her slight weight off of the bench where she'd been sitting.

Summer in Las Vegas might man the days were long, but the nights usually made up for it.

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As the final chords faded from the amplifiers, Maddy burst through the door onto the patio. Her band wasn’t playing tonight; she just needed to get out and stretch her legs, and the Dive was a second home to her. The newly-platinum bassist cupped a hand around her cigarette and lit up as she wandered blindly toward a table and chairs. Her false eyelashes fluttered and she saw the vampire. “Hey,” she mumbled around the bummed cigarette. She tucked the lighter in her shorts. “You working?”
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“Last week,” she blew a cloud of silvery smoke into the air. “I ran into my ex. You know how that goes. But! I gotta say,” she hefted herself onto a tabletop, “I’m still rockin’ hot. Him? Not so much.”

Okay, that wasn’t strictly true. Gus – or Whistler these days – looked much the same as ever, save for a few gray hairs near his temples. He even dressed the same. But time and perspective had changed Maddy’s feelings on the subject and she kept asking herself what she’d seen in the half-demon. She also asked herself why she could still hear her roommate’s over-wrought orgasm half a century later.
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“Aw, you’re sweet.” Maddy reached across and patted Theresa’s shoulder. “He was. Is. A moron. Goes around calling himself Whistler, like being immortal means he doesn’t need a real name. You have a real name. Even I have a real name. What’s his problem?” She snorted and shook her head.

The cigarette burned bright between her fingers as Maddy sucked on the filter.

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“Talked to Melody? About what, you being a vampire?” Maddy shook her head as she flicked her cigarette ash into the wind. “Please. Like I needed someone to tell me. I only see you at night, you’re paler than me, you have no reflection. Why do you think I told you there was something in your teeth that night at the club? I was fucking with you! Ow!” She looked at her hand, which had picked up a minor splinter from the wooden table. Maddy scratched it out of the top layer of skin and continued about her business.

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Maddy flicked the minuscule piece of wood out of her palm. “I guess you could say I have a job. Other than coffee bitch… One that guarantees I’ll be around until I quit, anyway.” Rubbing her lips together, she decided to level with Theresa, hearkening back to a time Whistler had referenced when Maddy wasn’t so passive, didn’t just warm up the bench. When she was a supernatural somebody.

She withdrew the key from her shirt and it dangled between them on its silver chain. “Think of me as a locksmith. I inherited this key and someday I’ll give it to another person. I’ll shrivel up like a raisin and die. Until that day, here I am. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, I am perfectly human.”

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“It’s only random when I screw up,” Maddy said. “Or like if I’m just… not paying attention.” The corner of her mouth puckered, a kind of ‘oops’ expression that wasn’t 100% sincere. She shook it off with a bobble of her head. “Anyway, I’m immortal, you’re immortal, let’s be friends. Forever…

She gave a lopsided grin. “I’m not scared of you, if that’s what you’re thinking.” She smashed her cigarette into the sole of her shoe.

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“Sure.” Maddy picked at the paper on her dead cigarette. “I’ve got some openings in my schedule.” She tossed the butt and stretched out her legs in front of her to examine her shoes. “It might do me some good to hang out with a chick. Other than Mel, it’s strictly dickly in my social circle.”

As an afterthought, she asked, "What was bugging you?"

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Maddy affected a blasé attitude. “Ehh, you’re a vampire. It's par for the course, isn't it? If you didn’t want to bite me, I’d be offended. That being said,” she jabbed a finger in the air, “If you ever bare your teeth at me without my permission, I’ll open a swirling vortex to a land of perpetual sunshine and shove you into it. We clear?”

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“He does.” Maddy leaned forward and shook Theresa’s hand, knees going akimbo. “He’s got his own shit going on, so he’s not completely freaked, just cautious because, hey, vampire. He told me he got in a physical altercation with one on the street, right out in the open. Some chick with red hair said hey, screw the onlookers, let’s rumble. They had a comic book style battle. I think there was property damage.”

She scratched her knee through a hole in her jeans.

“He didn’t tell me until way later.”

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"He thinks too much, and he feels twice as much as a normal guy. If I were him, I'd get stoned all the time, too." Maddy always felt the need to defend him like a brother only she was allowed to insult. She looked up as a musician exited the building, a girl who played keyboard and did backing vocals. Though she gave a polite wave of recognition, Maddy mumbled without moving her lips, "I hooked up with her once. Total weirdo. She asked me to pee on her."

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Maddy nodded. Yeah, she was serious, and she might not have been so judgmental except the girl asked on make-out number two, leaving Maddy to wonder where things would have escalated from there. Best get out before she found out.

“Yeah, sure.” Far be it from her to turn down beer. She’d already had two and was feeling nice and loose. “Ply me with alcohol. I won’t say no.”

While she waited, Maddy climbed onto a large picnic table top and stretched out. Her ankles hung off the end, but it was otherwise a comfortable spot to view the orange-tinted night sky. A disc jockey was playing Blondie over the loud speakers while the bands switched out and she hummed the tune to Rip Her to Shreds

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She half sat up and attempted to slurp beer without pouring it on her neck. Once setting it aside, she answered. “It’s boring. Especially because in Vegas it’s like the Rapture at 11 a.m. I do a bunch of side jobs to make money. I pour coffee, I waitress for a catering company, sometimes I do dumb stuff on the street to see if tourists will toss me change. I barely get anything from the ‘Nerves once it’s divided between the four of us. Strike that. Five, since Brian brought in that bitchy violinist part time.”

She made a bleh sound.

Susie. She’s a half-breed, only she thinks I don’t know it.”
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“Yep. I was so excited to get out of the dust bowl that I didn’t care.” Maddy rolled onto her side on the tabletop and braced herself on an elbow. “What about you? Did you know you were inheriting those fangs forever?” She gathered the beer closer to herself and wished people drank them out of straws. Reluctance to pick up your beer had to be the laziest quality ever.

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“People talk a lot, but in all actuality, who wants to live forever? For.Ev.Er. Nobody,” she scoffed. “That’s insane.” Maddy sat up at last and picked up her drink. “He was done with it and I was a dope with stars in my eyes, thinking about all the doors I could open, allll the places I would explore. But time itself is exhausting! I learn things to kill my boredom. Tap dancing, bass guitar, French, and that's just the last six years. You don’t think there’ll ever come a time when you’re ready to shuffle off into oblivion?”

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“Heh. Yeah. Besides, not being a world leader frees you up to focus on the things in unlife that matter.” Maddy raised her mug in a pert salute. “You can become a connoisseur of human necks.” She arched hers like a vain peacock. “You can develop that thrall thing and have girls dropping their panties for miles. You can learn to identify blood type by taste alone, maybe even smell!”

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“Oh yeah, and who was that?”

Maddy wished she had another cigarette. She could ask the Urine Queen across the way, but that might invite conversation. Instead, she gathered her legs closer and fiddled with the key on its chain.

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Maddy held still. “She have blonde hair?” The key glinted under the lamp post light. “Big eyes, huge rack?”

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Maddy rolled her eyes and her head lolled back.

“Meeeeerrrrghhh!” Her hands scrubbed roughly over her face, a treacherous activity with those eyelashes glued on her lids. “That’s Brian’s girl. I mean… they’re kind of loose with the boundaries? But god, this is a small city. She was into me for like… an afternoon. I didn’t do anything,” she pointed at her chest, “You know why? Because you don’t shit where you eat. That might be the wrong metaphor, but you get my drift.”

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Maddy stared for all of three seconds before bursting into laughter.

“If we ever decide to make this even more of a circle jerk, you’ll get the whole afternoon.” She waggled her eyebrows and finished her beer. Wiping the corner of her mouth, she said, “Did I ever say you remind me of Punky Brewster?”

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“I get it, too,” Maddy said and shrugged. It was easier just to whip out the (supremely fake) identification card before anyone asked. “I don’t mind looking young. But it’s kind of insulting to be carded by someone thirty years younger than you.” She stretched her arms over head and let them fall. “Listen, I gotta head back inside. I left Joey by himself. He’s probably drowned in a toilet bowl by now.” The blonde got off the picnic table.



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