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Daniel’s knuckles tapped on the apartment door. With his hands in his pockets, he waited. He began to casually study the paint on the door frame, all the while hoping he didn’t look misshapen through the peep hole. Wait… what if he hadn’t knocked loud enough? Should he knock again? But if the first time had been loud enough, wouldn’t that seem obnoxiously impatient? Like the physical equivalent of shouting, ‘I know you’re in there, now open the door!’

He opted to shuffle uncomfortably and scratch his stubble.

He hadn’t tried Holly’s apartment in ages. It was the most obvious place to look for her, but he didn’t want to be pushy. He just wanted to make sure she was alright. If she was, great! They could hang out or he could hop the stairs and walk back into the night, assured that she had a pulse. The afterlife was good.

He coughed for no real reason.

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Holly had been in the middle of a lifestyle change. That's what she liked to think of it as. The first step was a complete overhaul of her home decor scheme. That meant making her apartment look as if someone actually lived there.

The brunette paused when she heard the knock, setting a lamp down on the carpeted floor. It was probably the deliverymen with her new sofa. She swung open the door, prepared to do some ordering around, when she caught sight of the vampire.


Holly had forgotten how welcome a sight he was, and instantly felt the unpleasant warmth of guilt creep up the back of her neck. "Do you want to come inside?"

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"I've been back a few days."

Holly closed the door, then leaned against it. "I know I haven't been the most...communicative." She glanced up at him. Same electric blue eyes, same artfully tousled hair.

"I went home. My old home." The brunette managed a smile. "I've decided to move here. For good."

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She led Daniel to the dining area, which also happened to be the kitchen. She had a small table there with two chairs. "You checked for me in morgues?" Holly felt oddly flattered, then wondered what that said about her. Then she remembered she was conversing with a vampire.

"Did you get any false leads, like in movies? You know, you come in to identify a girl and it turns out not to be me. But first, you only get the dramatic shot of a toe."

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"Must be the warm weather." Holly shrugged and took the seat across from the vampire. "They probably thought you were into dead girls." That was too ironic to even comment on.

"But I've decided not to be that way anymore. You know, just disappearing. Never really settling anywhere. Things like that." The brunette exhaled, the puff of air making a few strands of hair sway. "Old habits are hard to break."

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Holly smirked, and was secretly pleased that she made the vampire laugh.

"Do you want something to drink? I have soda, wine, and a few beers, I think." She stood and crossed the small space to the quietly humming fridge in the corner.

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She removed a bottle, examined the label for a moment, then handed it to Daniel. She watched his eyes as he scanned her surroundings. This was an entirely new experience for her.

"England was...exactly the way I remembered it, but emptier somehow," Holly replied carefully. "After finding out what exactly went down, I've lost my taste for it."

The brunette shrugged. "I like it better here anyway. The weather, the nightlife. Almost being killed. Already feels more like home than London ever did."



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