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Years ago, Ruben had wondered how long it would take for the sun to burn him into ashes. It had been a random notion, one he hadn't seriously entertained, but he thought of that time every now and then. For a man who couldn't see himself in a mirror, he was strangely reflective.

It was three a.m. The bars had announced last call an hour ago. Even in Las Vegas, some laws still held. If you wanted to drink after two in the morning, you had to go home or somewhere else.

He was stepping over the legs of the dead man in the alley, heading towards the sidewalk. He'd learned to eat quietly. Someone would probably find the body eventually, most likely an unlucky garbageman. Nevada was warming up, careening towards summer.

There was a pale moon trying to shine down through the light pollution, and Ruben turned his face up towards it. The moon was cold, remote, but it was also kind. It wouldn't burn him.

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“You killed him.”

The girl stepped in front of the vampire. She was blonde and delicate, with round brown eyes that stared in rapt fascination at the lifeless lump beyond his shoulder. She wasn’t afraid of it. Her arms hung at her sides, the fingers loose near the hem of her skirt. A vague scent of orchid and tea rose wafted from her neck where a faintly twitching pulse showed she was alive.

Dori switched to his face.

“You killed that man.”

Her head cocked like a pretty bird’s.

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The muscles alongside her mouth hesitated to work at first, and it made for a strange expression. But then Dori smiled and it was actually becoming on her, if a rarity and, like the tin-man in Oz, once things were well-oiled the muscles worked quite well. “I’m not afraid of death,” she said.

The girl reached out to wipe a speck of blood from his chin. “Messy.”

Dori was intrigued by vampires. It was like watching herself walk and talk in a funhouse mirror. The vampires were not living but they were not Death itself, either. No, that was her (at least, she was one of its forms), yet she was alive in every clinical sense. Two sides of a very macabre coin.

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“You couldn’t clip mine,” said Dori, a small challenge in the raised chin, and she found that she rather liked him knowing what she was, that he had made that connection of an angel come to human form. He didn’t recoil from her like people, and he wasn’t confounded by her. But he was comical in the way he spoke and so she played. “I could make you dance like a cartoon frog on a log. Hop on one foot and scratch your head. I could do that, if I wanted.” The words were petulant, but there wasn’t any trace of that in her face.

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“Were you such an awful person?” she asked, her head tilting. “That God wouldn’t want your soul?” The question was born of intense curiosity and not sympathy. Dori knew that her soul would never reach heaven, not so long as it kept being reborn, at least, and she was not sure it was meant for the place. Was she bad? She certainly wasn’t good.

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“No,” she agreed. “I’m even kind.”

But Dori regretted arriving late to the alley, after he had already done what he did. “I wish I had seen,” she said with a regretful look past his shoulder again. Then her eyes brightened. “Could you show me sometime? I’ve never seen a vampire bite anyone.” Death to Dori wasn’t a spectator sport; she did what she did to others, and often she saw accidents, or sicknesses coming to their natural conclusions, but to watch another drain life was a novelty.

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“Dorothy.” Although she didn’t mind the nickname, it was polite to trade names with a person, especially if you intended to spend time. That was what James told her when she pestered him about why he insisted upon making friends with everyone. If he knew she was keeping company with vampires, he would throw a fit.

“When would you show me? Where were you going just now?” Dori turned towards the open street. “I interrupted.”

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“I don’t mind.” The sweater she wore was old, threadbare at the elbows, and the skirt wasn’t a favorite. Worse things than blood drops had been washed from her garments over the years, stains and scents her legal mother hadn’t wanted to know about. “You could let me help. I’m good at being bait.”

She led the way into the open and a taxi drove past them, lifting her skirt and hair in its breeze. “But if you want to do it yourself, I’ll watch. I’m good at watching, too.” An insect from a nearby street lamp landed on her sleeve and flitted up to her neck. Dori caught it in her palm and the wings stopped beating.

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Dori smiled at him.

Then she began to walk, employing the fast and stiff-legged gate of a girl who had finally figured out that something was not right and she could be in trouble. Tightly she squeezed her upper arms and cast worried glances over her shoulder at the Bad Man. Then she broke into a run, her breath coming in sharp bursts. “Help me,” the cry quiet and uncertain at first. She tore past the man with the duffel bag and made a ‘wrong turn’ into a secondary street. “Help me!” This time louder. There was a skidding sound of shoes on asphalt as she realized she’d come upon a dead end.

When she turned around to face the Bad Man, her eyes shone with fat, wobbling tears. Real tears.

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The girl’s hands fluttered at her mouth. “Oh!” She watched Ruben get yanked backward, her narrow shoulders heaving as the vampire’s assailant kept engaging, with no idea of the mess he’d gotten himself into – yet. All because he’d been a bystander who wanted to save her.

Would Ruben show off? Make the incident last longer than necessary? She had no taste for torture or bludgeoning. The pleasure was in the death throes. “Quick..quickly!” she whispered, eager to watch, with a furtive look past them to make sure no one had seen. She dared a step closer. Not too close – she didn’t want to be punched in the face. She bruised like a soft fruit.
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Dori had stayed out of the way during the scuffle, but now she came around the length of the body. She lowered herself into a crouch near the man’s head. His eyes were open still and so she leaned closer, dirtying her knees on the pavement, all the way until she was nose to nose with the corpse and its fading warmth. The ends of her hair stuck to his neck wound.

Life faded. Impulses stopped firing in the brain. Muscles slackened. In the air around her, Dori imagined that she felt the man’s spirit tethered to the body like a balloon on a string that had not yet been cut.

She raised her eyes to Ruben.

“After I’ve taken a life I feel different.” If he were to see it, Ruben might notice a slight pink in the girl’s cheeks, a new vibrancy in her eyes. Her excitement lent some of that now. She sat up straight. Her hair was stained red at the tips. “Do you feel him inside you at all? His life, I mean, or is it just his blood?”

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“I thought you knew.”

He had given her something to think about – blood being life, an interesting perspective since she usually took it without spilling the stuff. If blood was life, so were cells, energy, breath.

The girl ran her fingers through her hair until she reached the damp, sticky ends. Dori sucked on the fine strands until they looked clean. It tasted like a penny.


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Dori rocked onto the balls of her feet. Her knees were dusty and she brushed at them with her fingertips. The way he spoke made it sound prayerful, like a sacred thing being shared between them. "Of course," she said. "You showed me." Upon getting to her feet, she extended a hand to the vampire, the palm curved upward in invitation. Her veins were stark and blue in pale flesh.

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Dori wandered with him into the street, leaving the scene of his latest killing to be discovered in the morning. She wanted to be more discerning in her identification of a second victim; she believed in a right time for death, an order to things, and she was guided by instinct. She still had a hold of his cooler hand, the calluses on it rough as though he’d been a laborer just yesterday. She tugged him to the north until they came to a girl with dyed red hair, seated within the partial shelter of a bus stop.


She pointed with their joined hands.

“I want her. Will you hold her for me?”

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That pleased her.

Dori watched the girl for a moment. She wore headphones so she was less aware of her environment, and she was deep into the pages of a thick paperback. That wasn’t why she appealed to Dori, and she wasn’t sick from some terminal affliction. It would be difficult to explain, but Dori detected sourness in the set of her mouth and shoulders, a kind of disdain for her surroundings that made it easier to excuse her from the mortal coil. Life, big brother would claim, was a gift even at its worst. It was too quickly snuffed to take for granted. Dori had ushered off people who would’ve loved another week, day, or hour because they recognized that. So she had come to believe that behaving otherwise was tacky.

She turned to the vampire and issued instructions.

“Hold her arms from behind. I’ll do the rest.”

She looked up and down the block. There was no one around. Letting go of his fingers, she began to walk in the girl’s direction like a fellow traveler just waiting for the bus.

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“Shhh….” Dori bent at the waist and cupped her hands around the girl’s cheeks. The effect was immediate. The fussing stopped, the girl losing herself in the blonde’s gentle eyes and enlarged pupils. “Hello,” she said softly. Her eyes held steady as she eased onto the bench and sat beside the redhead, close enough that their legs touched.
When she was comfortable with the connection, Dori placed a palm in the center of the girl’s chest, above her heart and lungs. A spiritualist would label it as the green chakra, but Dori only thought of it as a convergence of life force. She wiggled her fingers. Slowly she began to pull her hand away, and that energy, so necessary to maintaining life, went with her. A perceptive person might see a haze in the air, like a light mist; others would see nothing. Dori stretched the connection between them farther and farther, like a rubber band drawing taut. As she did so, she didn’t blink. She barely moved with respiration. The girl’s eyes widened.

All of a sudden, Dori snapped her hand into a fist.
It was done. The girl went as loose as dirty laundry in Ruben’s hands. Her headphones were on crooked.

“Done,” she said.

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Death didn’t have to be sadistic; sometimes it was downright anticlimactic.
Dori stood up and put a moist hand through her hair. She was winded and wobbly. Her pulse beat just a tad too fast, as if she’d taken a puff from someone’s emergency inhaler and her lungs were full of steroids. The younger and healthier the person, the more jittery she felt.

She gave Ruben an uncertain smile.

“Forty-two years. Three! Forty-three, I mean. I’m right now.”
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“Don’t worry,” she said with her eyes closed. She was glazed over but competent. “I have a brother. He’ll let me stay the night. He’s around somewhere…” Dori looked up at the tall buildings of the neighborhood and knew that she’d find her way to James and his front door in short order. He’d take one look at her and know what Dorothy had done, but there was nothing to be done for it.

She placed her hands over Ruben’s. “You should go inside before the sun comes.”

Because he had done it, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek, which was pale and cool but not smooth. The rough beard hairs prickled her lips. “Have a good night.”



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