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Las Vegas, the city of Sin and all things fun, of course Simone would come here. It was like a womb mother beckoning home one of its own, claws outsretched and darkness immense in its size. She was at heart a seductress who used her feminine wiles and vampiric powers to lure her victims to an untimely end and perhaps if she had conducted herself with moderation Isaac wouldn't have hunted her through six cities and saved countless lives, but Simone knew nothing of moderation and control. For her the bloodlust was endless and her thirst impossible to quench.

Clad in black and stood with cigarette in hand Isaac cut a tall striking figure amongst the bright lights and dizzying highs of this city, but he moved with enough confidence to walk amongst the people as if he belonged and were a long standing citizen.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving )
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"Please remember to turn in your work before the school closes for break," Julianna said, raising her voice a bit so that she'd be heard over the noise of students gathering their belongings and making muted conversation. "You'll have ample time for relaxation while classes aren't in session, so kindly take the time to focus on schoolwork now."

Nods and mutters were the sum of responses she got, and the Englishwoman sighed as the large room emptied out. She looked forward to having a bit of a break herself. Perhaps she'd go out to Cottonwood Cove now that the weather was warming up again. It might not be quite hot enough to swim, but a weekend getaway was always good for rejuvenating the senses.

She put some things into her messenger bag, then slung the strap over her shoulder. She was parked in the faculty lot. The door stayed unlocked so that the cleaning staff could get in. They had keys, supposedly, but she'd gotten a terse note at the beginning of the term that said she should leave the lock disengaged until such time as the master keyring was found. One would think that such an important thing couldn't simply be lost, but apparently that would be incorrect.

She was halfway to her car when she remembered that she'd left her appointment book in her office, so she had to turn around and go back inside. Was she getting absent-minded? She bloody hoped not.



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