Mar. 17th, 2014

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Trouble. Maddy was looking to get into it. She was bored, had a cashed paycheck in her pocket, and was looking for a decent way to spend it. She sat on a street corner idly flicking a lighter. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, she wore an off-the-shoulder shirt with a huge clover on it. Her canvas shoes twisted and tapped in the dry gutter in time with a saxophone player’s tunes. The street performer smelled like pot and possibly crack, but Maddy wasn’t going to point it out. The guy could wail. Loose change landed in his instrument case and Maddy gave the passerby a thumbs-up on his behalf, since his fingers were occupied on the keys. By midnight his case would be too heavy to lift, she predicted. Lots of drunk people wandering about tonight.

She tilted her head back. “Hey, do you know Pink Floyd?”

The guy smiled around his reed and began to crank out Money.

Maddy lit a cigarette and jabbed it at the air. “That’s what I’m talking about.” She scratched her wrist and watched people pour into any bar that was appropriately themed. McKenna's. O'Malley's. Green beer was on tap and suddenly everybody had an Irish grandma or great-uncle or whatever. She wondered if midgets experienced a higher level of harassment on St. Patrick's Day or if it was like, Their Day.

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She'd been meaning to get to Ragnarok anyway. Gerald had mentioned it to her ages ago, but between one thing and another there'd been no time. With spring approaching, classes had hit a bit of a lull, and she was prepared for the next week. That cleared some of her schedule.

Julianna had parked her car in the lot and was now waiting in the queue to get inside. Some of the 'costumed' staff were outside greeting guests, and the Watcher was amusing herself by trying to deduce who was actually human and who wasn't. It was the perfect place to be if you wanted to hide in plain sight. She wondered if the owner had to strike a deal with any vampires who might be employed here.

Inside, it was surprisingly ordinary, at least as far as decor went. Julianna ordered a gimlet at the bar, then sipped at it while she wondered at the possibility of getting an audience with the proprietor. Her colleague wouldn't have mentioned the woman if she might not be a valuable acquaintance to have, so perhaps she should make an effort herself.

In the meantime, she would enjoy the atmosphere here. Las Vegas might not be much for culture, per se, but it didn't lack for its own brand of ambiance.



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