Mar. 14th, 2014

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The conversation with Rhiannon must have jarred something loose.

Julianna went to the university after leaving the park, took care of some paperwork in her office before preparing her notes for the next day's class. They'd replaced her secretary with someone new and more competent, so she no longer had to worry about lost or misplaced messages. Sifting through the small squares of paper, she made phone calls by their order of importance, finished cleaning out her 'In' box, then closed up her office and locked it.

A trip to the grocery store later, she cooked dinner in her kitchen, then cleaned up the dishes. Nathan was staying over that night. That was something that was happening with more frequency, for reasons she was unwilling to examine. Sometimes it was best to let things flow as they would.

They slept, eventually. The night outside was mild, a breeze ruffling the sparse trees that grew on the edges of the complex. There was no moon, but there were stars. Another tenant walked across the parking lot, carrying a bag of trash to be tossed into the communal dumpster. Somewhere, an owl hooted.

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