Feb. 28th, 2014

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Bathrooms. They were starting to become a burden to the blonde. During the night she’d gone to have a shower after patrol, expecting the stalls and general area to be vacant. What she discovered was half a dozen girls inside a chalk drawn pentagram. Red candles lit and black robes pulled tight as they chanted in a language she actually knew. Latin might be dead, but it was by no means useless to those who searched for something more than they could grasp alone.

Apparently her intrusion had caused anger because they all turned as one to glare at the blonde, who in turn took in a slow deep breath and exhaled an aggravated, “The showers don’t belong to you all, you know.”

They rose to their feet with a snarl that seemed to echo off the tiles and Valerie scoffed. Granted not the best response but really, who did they think they were? The blonde tilted her head to the side to crack her neck and narrowed her green eyes. She was not in the mood lately. If they wanted to fight then so be it. Personally she could do with an outlet to her confusing and consuming emotions.

“Get. Out. We have reserved the area.” Stated one robed girl sporting a nose piercing with as much malice as she could muster while she found her feet and clutched a candle to her bosom.

Valerie merely quirked an eyebrow. “Seriously? All I want is a shower so could you maybe just… Keep your chatter to yourself while I scrub away the decay of today’s crapfest?”

From the growled response she’d said the wrong thing, because they all pulled a vicious looking blade from their robes. The blade itself impeccably sharp but it curved, wave like, and the blonde knew instinctively it was meant for some sort of ritual. Well, they could could kiss her ass, because she wasn’t about to become their most recent sacrifice.

Two lunged at her with barely restrained growls of anger and she acted instinctively. Grabbed the wrist of one girl and used her body as a shield to block the other. an echoing crack heard as she literally headbutted the second girl and pushed the first into one of the stalls with enough force that she dislodged the door.

Enemies three and four rushed her as the fifth took a leap with her blade raised high. Valerie gripped the two girls by the front of their robes and brought them together like a pair of symbols, the blade from the fifth wedged between them as she dislodged all three with a powerful roundhouse kick that sent them backwards.

Water began to pour from a ruined sink as the first two found their feet and resolve, then tackled her with as much skill as the guys on the football team. Really, she could admire the dedication as much as the force but she didn’t let either deter her actions. The blonde lashed out with her right fist, felt a ridiculous amount of satisfaction as the crunch signaled the nearest girls nose was broken before she grabbed the second and used her feet to propel her backwards and into the wall with such force that the plaster cracked and spider-webbed before her eyes.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Valerie couldn’t help the taunt as she sneered at the hooded figures. The look she sent their way all but dared them to rush her as one and she relished the attack. The first girl to reach her regretted it the instant she gripped her wrist and twisted. The sound of bones snapping echoed alongside her scream and the blonde let out a satisfied sigh, as the next girl stepped into her personal space. The girl raised the dagger, intent on impaling her, but the blonde’s reflexes were beyond her comprehension and the dagger was wrenched free and thrown towards the back wall where it impaled itself to the hilt. Startled, the girl tried to back away but Valerie snagged a fistful of her robe and swung her around like a shot-put. When she released the fabric the girl flew through the air and landed on one of the girls about to take a swing at her with a groan. Despite the carnage Valerie actually laughed, and back-flipped in order to kick the next fool that decided to try and take her down. The girl’s jaw snapped shut with a sickening crunch before she landed heavily onto the floor. The remaining robed figure hesitated before she fled with a whimper and Valerie smirked at herself in the shattered mirror that faced her. She whistled quietly as she stepped over the crumpled bodies that sprawled across the ground, bloodied and beaten, and took a much needed shower without any further complications.

When she headed back she took a minute to collect her mail, but it was only when she settled in her room that she opened the letter. Immediately her good mood faltered and she found herself frowning down at familiar handwriting. In truth, she hadn’t expected Brian to ever contact her again despite her foolish wishing, and know that he had she found herself devouring his words despite the ache they caused. So he was doing good, that was… Well, it was good, right? So why did that information feel like she’d just been gutted?

Nimble fingers traced the words Brian had scrawled across the paper and for a moment she convinced herself that everything was normal. Her heart wasn’t breaking all over again, she was an average girl, they were together, but as soon as she closed her eyes reality flooded her senses. Before she knew what she was doing she she’d picked up the phone, dialed the numbers she tried to convince herself weren’t memorised, and listened to the ringing die out so the machine could pick up. She skipped pleasantries and spoke from her soul without bothering to filter herself.

Voicemail For Brian. )



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