Jan. 21st, 2014

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The days in late January were just the slightest bit longer, but the weather was still crisp. The highway had been one long stretch of asphalt, only a few cars and the occasional semi sharing the road.

Julianna had taken the day off, leaving her teaching duties to Clarissa, so that she and Gerald could make the drive to Searchlight. They didn't have a town hall, but there was a library there, and she knew from experience that they had some of the town archives in a special section. She already had her reason prepared, that she was planning a lecture about local history of Clark County and needed to see surveyor's maps and census figures from when the township was first established.

She parked the BMW in the lot, killed the engine and got out. She'd worn a light jacket against the slight chill of the day, and she tugged it closed as she started towards the building that housed the library. If there was something to be found, surely two sets of eyes could find it.



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