Jan. 4th, 2014

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The parcels were finally all weighed and stamped, and the postal worker took them off the counter and dumped them in a crate. Melody went to stop him, tell him that there were some things that needed careful handling, but reminded herself she had packaged those very carefully and made sure they were protected for their journey.

So instead she gathered up the change he had dumped on the counter, slipped it into the plastic bag and sealed it before sliding it into the pocket of her jeans, along with the receipt. She pulled her coat closed, buttoning it up and tying the belt around her waist before stepping out into the cold blustery wind. It wasn't often she had to wear a coat, but today was one of those days, the wind coming straight down the street and cutting straight through, instead of going around.

Cold Call

Jan. 4th, 2014 06:06 pm
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Rhiannon’s knuckles rapped on the door of a luxury apartment on a side of town she didn’t often find herself. The weather had taken a wintry turn. Chunks of snow stuck to the laces on her boots. Even so, it was easier to walk to the watcher’s residence than fight the traffic jam. The county had no snow plows of its own; it had to borrow the proper equipment from a neighboring state, so the few inches of snow that fell paralyzed the roads.

She stuffed her hands in her coat pockets and stared at the number on Julianna’s door. The university was closed for inclement weather, so finding her was merely a matter of calling directory assistance and giving her full name.
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It was a slow night in McKenna's and Mike had let the bartender and most of the waitstaff go early. There was no point in keeping them standing around when there wasn't any demand for them and they wouldn't make any tip money. He knew the business as well as anyone and he hadn't scheduled himself to work the Dive that night, so he put himself behind the bar instead.

Not that there was much to do there either, there were only three customers in the bar area and he had one waitress left to cover the tables. The prep work was all done and at this point unless there was a sudden flood of people all they'd need to do is put things away for the night. He looked up from his newspaper as the bell over the door rang, jostled by said door's movement as someone stepped in from the street.

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