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Albuquerque, five months ago

He didn't know why he was waiting. All the signs were there that she was the one, and she burned so bright that he couldn't stop staring at her. He could barely sleep during the day anymore. So why was he waiting? If he wasn't going to do it, he should move on.

You don't want to be wrong again.

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Maddy was drunk. So very drunk. She tottered on a pair of ill-advised heels and stared at a yellow concrete wall. It was the side of an E-Z-mart, three blocks off the main drag in Las Vegas where the neighborhood started to get shifty. She had a bottle of booze in a brown paper bag, super classy, and a hot dog with extra relish. She was already dreading throwing it up later.

A few yards away, a bum huddled on the curb next to a phone booth. Maddy lifted her hooch in a respectful salute. “Exes, man,” she said. The bum lifted his drink in solidarity.

Five minutes with Gus had really fucked with her head and put her in full scale rebellion. Be a good girl, Maddy. Play nice. Join up with Team White. Well, what had Team White ever done for her? And since when was he on it?!

She wiped her nose and decided this spot was as good as any. Under her arm pit, Maddy held a can of spray paint. She shook it and a ball rattled in the canister. The paint went on too heavy and wet, but it wasn’t important to be anal-retentive. With three slow lines and a circular dot, the outline of a door was obvious. Maddy dropped the partial can.

“Let’s see… who shall we invite over for drinks?” She whirled on the bum, whose name was actually Sal, and gave him a bright (slightly crazed) smile. “No ideas? Hm? Well… This is Vegas. We’ll let the chips fall where they may.”

With pinched fingers, Maddy retrieved the key and its chain from her neckline. Then she closed her eyes and thought of…

Nothing. The Void. Which was no void at all, because it was full of entities, doorways, chaos. Then, before her brain could pull a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Maneuver, she pressed the key to the makeshift door knob. There was a click. A slow creak of hinges. An unusually charged breeze on her face, an otherworldly breeze that smelled faintly of mothballs and ozone.

And that is how Maddy left the wall, with a wide opening into Nowhere, and no clue what waited on the opposite side. She turned in the direction of home. "Later,” she told Sal around a mouthful of hot dog.

Yeah. Let the chips fall where they may.
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“Solomon’s Scrolls.” Daniel scratched the stubble on his jaw. “Huh.” It was his first time going to the magic shop – any magic shop – so he didn’t know what to expect, but a Biblical reference for a name wasn’t high on the list. At the door he hesitated before he touched the knob. What if there was a spell on it? Would it burn like a cross? He had touched one of those once, just for shits and grins. Man, it hurt.

He licked his finger and slapped the door knob twice, until he was satisfied it wouldn’t fry him. Then he entered and sniffed the air, which smelled of herbs and candle wax. He spotted Melody up front and cruised right up to her. “Wasn’t Solomon the guy who taught his son to use astrology for sexual gratification?”

He hopped on a table. Two candles toppled and rolled across the velvety tablecloth.



Apr. 19th, 2014 08:21 pm
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Somewhere in Texas, 1929

It was raining. That was the first thing.

Ruben was lying on his left side when he opened his eyes, and he lay there for a minute before realizing that there was already an inch of water in the ditch. He had dirt in his mouth. His clothes were filthy and soaked. He was cold.

He tried to sit up, and it took a bit for his muscles to cooperate. Had he passed out again? He remembered the bottle he'd stolen in the last town, stolen and drank while sitting in an abandoned barn. He tilted his face up towards the sky and opened his mouth, allowing the rain in. He spat out the soil, clearing his mouth. He was still cold.

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County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, 1973

If he squinted his eyes, rolled his eyeballs up, then cracked his eyelids open and slowly rolled his eyeballs down, he could begin to make out shapes and movement. His body ached all over, and the cold stone floor beneath his back seemed to be drawing all the heat from his body.

Which on thinking about was maybe not such a bad thing. His body ached, all over, and he let his eyelids seal closed again as he realised he'd never felt pain like this, not even in the worst of hits he'd taken on the field, or the aftermath of the odd post-game drinking session fights. This was the sort of pain that came from inside, from the very beds of his fingernails right through to the joints of his toes. Every part of him seemed to be screaming louder than the other, and the cacophony in his head was getting louder and louder...

"Cian, lad, y' c'n hear me?"
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Apr. 19th, 2014 03:26 pm
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The year was 1945. Through a radio in the corner, Doris Day cooed the lyrics to Sentimental Journey. Blades of a fan twirled lazily in the summer air and the light of a dying afternoon slipped amber-yellow through the window shades. The air smelled of oak and whisky, tobacco and perfume.

It was all a bit of strange juxtaposition, considering the blood spewing from the crown of a man’s head as he toppled from his bar stool onto the slatted floor. Madeleine stood over him, a silver key swinging from her neck and a broken bottle in her hand. The lines up the backside of her pantyhose were crooked and perspiration stuck strands of hair to her neck. “That’s what you get for not calling.”

She crouched next to him and raised her cigarette over the wound for the sole purpose of ashing it at the first opportunity. “And that… is for sticking your Johnson in my roommate,” she hissed.

People were staring. Strike that, men were staring, regulars she knew from the bar, each of them with their own string of conquests. She wiped her forehead and yelled, “What?!”

A row of hats slowly pivoted back to the bar.

The memory of that moment – and all those faces – was as fresh today as it had been in 1945. So when Maddy saw the profile sitting at the bar, she stopped throwing darts and elbowed her way through a crowd of drunk people shouting at the Celtics game. “Hey! Hey, you!”
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Echo didn't know where Cian lived, and she respected the other were's privacy too much to ask. But she'd gotten the phone number of the marina from directory assistance, then called the business office during regular hours. Now that the weather was warming up, Cottonwood Cove had more customers. She was thinking of coming out when high summer came, since there were no other swimming opportunities close by.

The reason she'd decided to seek the Irishman out was because she had to tell <>someone abut the progress she was making with her Wolf side, and Cian was the obvious candidate. She loved Papa, and beyond that she respected him, but he wouldn't have understood her reasons for exploring her Otherness after all this time. She didn't want to have to face his possible disapproval.

The drive to the Cove was uneventful, and the lot was moderately full. The hybrid parked her vehicle in a slot, killed the engine and got out. She hoped she didn't catch the man when he was busy.
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At 5 a.m., Daniel collapsed on his couch, his weight sending throw pillows flying as he cracked the library book and started to read. Socrates, his new furry roommate, crouched in the open cage with its water and food supply. His nose twitched.

Important things to know before you adopt,” the vampire read aloud. “That ship has sailed.” He turned a page and began again. “The weight of a domestic rabbit can range from two pounds to over twenty, depending upon breed. Rabbits also display natural habits like chewing and digging, which can frustrate new owners. Huh.”

He cut his eyes at the animal. The rabbit looked away.

Daniel cleared his throat and flipped to the chapter on marking.

Male un-neutered rabbits tend to spray. Well, at least that’s taken care of. Balls," he made a scissoring gesture, "Snipped. However, both male and female rabbits pass fecal pellets containing anal gland... secretions?! Some rabbits consider human beings their property and may, in fact, mark them. Come on, what the fuck!”

Tossing the book aside, Daniel sat up. He stared at the animal, his palms rubbing the lower half of his face, his hair standing on end. This was an acute case of buyer’s remorse. He couldn’t remember why he brought this thing home in the first place. He was hungry, the butcher was out of blood, but then that cute Asian girl went all googly-eyed over the rabbit and suddenly Daniel was shelling out cash to bring it home.

If Socrates was the reason he didn’t get his security deposit back, he was going to make all four of its feet into key chains.

Normal people adopted dogs. Cats. A tank full of fish. But this, this was the anti-dude pet, and he’d been unreasonably persuaded by that girl’s cooing noises. Maybe he’d read all the signs wrong and it wasn’t that he was hungry at all.

“I need to get laid,” Daniel muttered. He nodded.

He got up and shelled out of his t-shirt. “Damn youuuu, Holly Pirnerrrrrr,” he sang to the empty apartment, his voice a pleasant tenor as he turned the faucet knobs.

He wondered if cold showers still worked.


Apr. 13th, 2014 12:30 am
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The clock read 3:02 when Rhiannon startled awake, her fingers at her throat, a breath caught in her lungs, un-budging. She gulped and tried again. It took a few seconds of wakefulness, of recognizing her safe surroundings, before she was able to pull oxygen in and out. No one squeezed her windpipe. No one’s fingers bruised the delicate flesh.

She wiped her face and looked around the dark bedroom. She was naked under the sheet. Cian slept at her side, his breath as steady as a slow metronome in the quiet. Rhiannon scooted her feet up and rested her forehead on her knees. Everything had worn off, from a night of running in the desert, to a shot of whiskey before bed, to the soothing rhythm of their lovemaking. It left her alone with a nightmare of Duncan’s face leering over hers. Just as black crept into the edges of that dream vision, she woke up.

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Melody had called Maddy the next morning, after meeting Theresa in the coffee shop, and asked her if she was working that day. She really wanted to try the potion, and it had a half life of thirty six hours before it started losing its potency. She'd been checking the colour and giving the bottle the shake it needed every so often to prevent the ingredients from separating.

When Maddy said she was working the late shift Melody was glad, and asked her to meet her for an early lunch, as Melody was working that afternoon and evening at a function in the Skylark. She hurried along the sidewalk, turning into the plaza and glancing up at the clock displayed in the centre of the outdoor dining area. She was a little late and she scanned the area, looking for Maddy. A series of small cafes and restaurants clustered around the area, making the most of the lunchtime trade from the businesses located all around.


Apr. 11th, 2014 11:04 pm
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Spring was here. The change in temperature had happened, and while there were no shade trees to sprout green leaves, there was a sparse offering of grass in some places. Even in the desert, things could grow.

Echo had gotten the job at the daycare center. She'd lucked out and they hadn't wanted someone with a teaching certificate, just someone who was good with children and could drive the communal van to take them on the occasional outing. The job wasn't going to make her rich, but she enjoyed it and it got her out of the house.

She'd finished dinner, and was now contemplating a run out in the desert. She'd kept up with the practicing, and shifting didn't hurt anymore. Searchlight was so quiet at night that she no longer worried about being spotted. One of the benefits of living around so many retirees was that they all seemed to go to bed before it got dark.

There were two lawn chairs on the trailer's front yard, and a plastic table for drinks and sometimes sandwiches. Echo didn't really have visitors, but sometimes one of her close neighbors would stop by to talk.

Life was pretty good.
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Theresa had taken to hanging out at Cool Beans even when Maddy wasn't behind the counter. They served good espresso, and their pastries didn't get stale from sitting in the glassed-in case for ages. A small portion of her paycheck was going into the register at Page Turners, providing her with paperbacks. She had a major crush on Jackie Collins' Lucky Santangelo.

The vampire was currently taking up space on one of the couches near the back of the establishment. There was a book in her lap and two empty cups on the table to her left. The plate that accompanied the cups was sprinkled with crumbs from a blueberry scone. Even though she couldn't really taste food anymore, she liked the play-acting that eating involved.

The bell above the shop's door jingled, and Theresa glanced up from Lucky's adventures in the mob to see if she knew who had just stepped inside.
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Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Hey, Grace, I think your boyfriend wants to walk you home."

"Hush, he'll hear you."

The first speaker, a college student named Michelle who'd been hired to wait tables because the night shift didn't conflict with her class schedule, snorted and rolled her eyes. The tall, skinny guy had been coming in every night for nearly a month, and while the chili he always ordered was good, it wasn't that good. And he was a good tipper, too.

The blonde's shift was over, and she was hanging up her apron in the back room. Wondering if her 'boyfriend' would leave before she re-appeared. She knew it had been a mistake to start talking to him when he'd left that first overly-generous tip. Charlie would be furious if he thought she was flirting with somebody.

Pure Psychotic Devotion )
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On a vicious pair of heels, Shauna stood in the dim light of the public restroom and studied her reflection. She saw a tall twenty-seven-year-old with carrot red hair, freckles, a snub nose, and blue eyes, the lashes spiked with mascara. One cheek bulged with an ice cube sucked from her highball glass. She leaned closer to apply lip gloss. Her breath fogged the mirror, one puff from her nose, another from her pursed mouth. She was sexy rather than pretty; that realization had come late in her teens. There was a niche market for redheads but bold sexual availability appealed broadly. She straightened and capped her lip gloss. Stowed it in a clutch purse.

Shauna was a thief. She had learned from a series of bad influences, some pedaling coke, others jewels, sex, timeshares, expensive watches, celebrity company. In her early twenties, she became an asset of a group of like-minded people, helmed by a woman named Saoirse who called once or twice a week and told Shauna what to steal. Sometimes she delivered the property; other times she converted it to cash first. The threat of jail time was real, but she couldn’t imagine another life. She was a woman who appreciated a rapid pulse, a stress sweat, a quick dash from a hotel room. Even the feel of her finger on a trigger appealed. She had pulled it three times. Blood, like anything, lost its shock value after a while.

She fluffed her hair, adjusted the spaghetti straps of her dress, and left the vanity.

Outside, the cocktail lounge bustled with people. Where others saw a dip of cleavage, the clean lines of a sharp suit, Shauna saw a diamond tennis bracelet, a bulging wallet, a Rolex, a pair of unattended car keys. She didn’t want money. She wanted a challenge. She kept looking.

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Julianna had never been to Valerie's dorm room before. They'd always met after class or at her apartment, but she'd wanted to approach the Slayer here. This was going to be difficult, and she needed a neutral environment for it.

She'd called ahead, to make sure the blonde would be available, and she knocked on the door hesitantly. There was a hard knot of trepidation in her stomach. It was hard for her to ask for help, even under good circumstances. These were not good circumstances, but she was going t struggle through this request regardless of that.


It was a murmur, and the Watcher looked over her shoulder as if worried she might be overheard. She was a dedicated professional, and that meant she could do this. Even if asking for asistance was not her forte.
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"Please remember to turn in your work before the school closes for break," Julianna said, raising her voice a bit so that she'd be heard over the noise of students gathering their belongings and making muted conversation. "You'll have ample time for relaxation while classes aren't in session, so kindly take the time to focus on schoolwork now."

Nods and mutters were the sum of responses she got, and the Englishwoman sighed as the large room emptied out. She looked forward to having a bit of a break herself. Perhaps she'd go out to Cottonwood Cove now that the weather was warming up again. It might not be quite hot enough to swim, but a weekend getaway was always good for rejuvenating the senses.

She put some things into her messenger bag, then slung the strap over her shoulder. She was parked in the faculty lot. The door stayed unlocked so that the cleaning staff could get in. They had keys, supposedly, but she'd gotten a terse note at the beginning of the term that said she should leave the lock disengaged until such time as the master keyring was found. One would think that such an important thing couldn't simply be lost, but apparently that would be incorrect.

She was halfway to her car when she remembered that she'd left her appointment book in her office, so she had to turn around and go back inside. Was she getting absent-minded? She bloody hoped not.


Mar. 23rd, 2014 02:49 pm
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Las Vegas, the city of Sin and all things fun, of course Simone would come here. It was like a womb mother beckoning home one of its own, claws outsretched and darkness immense in its size. She was at heart a seductress who used her feminine wiles and vampiric powers to lure her victims to an untimely end and perhaps if she had conducted herself with moderation Isaac wouldn't have hunted her through six cities and saved countless lives, but Simone knew nothing of moderation and control. For her the bloodlust was endless and her thirst impossible to quench.

Clad in black and stood with cigarette in hand Isaac cut a tall striking figure amongst the bright lights and dizzying highs of this city, but he moved with enough confidence to walk amongst the people as if he belonged and were a long standing citizen.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving )
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"I been cheated...

Been mistreated...

When will I be loved?"

Linda Ronstadt's voice on the jukebox was the only noise left in the room. Sure, the song was ten years old, but the classics never went out of style. The mirror behind the bar was shattered, and glass shards crunched under a pair of boots as a blonde of medium height walked through them to get to the register. She futzed with the contraption for a few minutes, and the cash drawer finally opened with a muted ding.

Here Comes Trouble )
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She'd been meaning to get to Ragnarok anyway. Gerald had mentioned it to her ages ago, but between one thing and another there'd been no time. With spring approaching, classes had hit a bit of a lull, and she was prepared for the next week. That cleared some of her schedule.

Julianna had parked her car in the lot and was now waiting in the queue to get inside. Some of the 'costumed' staff were outside greeting guests, and the Watcher was amusing herself by trying to deduce who was actually human and who wasn't. It was the perfect place to be if you wanted to hide in plain sight. She wondered if the owner had to strike a deal with any vampires who might be employed here.

Inside, it was surprisingly ordinary, at least as far as decor went. Julianna ordered a gimlet at the bar, then sipped at it while she wondered at the possibility of getting an audience with the proprietor. Her colleague wouldn't have mentioned the woman if she might not be a valuable acquaintance to have, so perhaps she should make an effort herself.

In the meantime, she would enjoy the atmosphere here. Las Vegas might not be much for culture, per se, but it didn't lack for its own brand of ambiance.
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Trouble. Maddy was looking to get into it. She was bored, had a cashed paycheck in her pocket, and was looking for a decent way to spend it. She sat on a street corner idly flicking a lighter. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, she wore an off-the-shoulder shirt with a huge clover on it. Her canvas shoes twisted and tapped in the dry gutter in time with a saxophone player’s tunes. The street performer smelled like pot and possibly crack, but Maddy wasn’t going to point it out. The guy could wail. Loose change landed in his instrument case and Maddy gave the passerby a thumbs-up on his behalf, since his fingers were occupied on the keys. By midnight his case would be too heavy to lift, she predicted. Lots of drunk people wandering about tonight.

She tilted her head back. “Hey, do you know Pink Floyd?”

The guy smiled around his reed and began to crank out Money.

Maddy lit a cigarette and jabbed it at the air. “That’s what I’m talking about.” She scratched her wrist and watched people pour into any bar that was appropriately themed. McKenna's. O'Malley's. Green beer was on tap and suddenly everybody had an Irish grandma or great-uncle or whatever. She wondered if midgets experienced a higher level of harassment on St. Patrick's Day or if it was like, Their Day.

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